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The first time

Hello readers!

I still remember the first time i started  to read novels. Of course it was during my high school. Peer's influence. haha. and guess what! during that time everybody was hooked into malay love story novels. So did i. Then, when i moved to another school, i just stop reading those novel's genre because i realized it was too distracting. Yeah! it distracts teenagers from reality and made us day dreaming on imaginary sweet love with handsome man. hiks. Either way, i just stop reading and one day a boy gave me a malay thriller novel. Wrote by Ramli Awang Murshid. He is a famous thriller author for malay novels. I got hooked to his writing and started to buy his novels. Til now, i still follow his literatures. Its quite amusing. His thriller novels are interesting and sometimes left us with questions and puzzles that urged us to find it through google. of course. haha. And yeah, since that, i only read thriller novels for malay and i also started to read english novels. Well then, Im gonna write  a review for every books i have read okay! stay tuned 😎😎😎